1. I decided to experiment with my camera and ended up creating this. It’s pretty cool. Thanks to my sis for being the subject haha

  2. Had to upload this one, looks cool haha

    Dr Vince!

  3. Some of the lovely people involved with the production. Took a few snaps after filming had finished.

  4. Another image, this time of a filler being inserted…(i think)

  5. Images of the procedure at a close up!

  6. Here we have Dr Vincent Wong consulting one of the contestants on the show. He is advising them on what he feels they should have done. 

    The second image shows him preparing for the procedure. 

  7. This was a few months ago when I was photographing for the show Restyle on Levante tv. Here we have the presenter being prepared for filming. I managed to get my hair done too! No photos though! :D

  8. Final two images of the rain room. If you havent been, I recommend it. Its a free exhibition at the barbican centre and it is running until the beginning of March! 

  9. Usually all the photos I upload to this blog I have taken myself, however, I had to make an exception for the next few as they are pretty darn cool!

  10. Great fun!